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Helpful Hints for Better Care of Your Home Appliances

The information offered by Pioneer Appliance here is the knowledge we have gained over the 40 years of repairing appliances. These are our recommendations only.

We recommend powdered tide with enzymes because it will clean your clothes, leave no residue, dissipate in cold water, and keep the pump and outer tub mold free. If you see suds cut back to less than ¼ cup. Buy the smallest box of tide, place in sealed container with ¼ measuring cup inside. When powdered soap becomes clumpy it loses its strength. If bleach is needed only use 1 tablespoon of Clorox per load. Whenever possible leave the washer lid or door open for one hour after use.

Pioneer Appliance

Lysol removes and kills mold, bleach only bleaches color. Liquid soaps do not dissipate in cold or hot water as well as powders, liquid soaps concentrate in areas such as seals, thus causing mold and other residues. Cascade powder has enzymes, which keeps mold and debris from growing around the seals of the dishwasher as well as not having glass as a cleaning agent.

To clean a dishwasher of foul smells, use dishwasher magic or add 1 cup Clorox during fill mode without dishes in dishwasher and run on longest cycle. Spots on dishes are usually caused from too much soap. Stick on dryer bars are better than sheets or liquid fabric softeners and they keep your laundry room smelling fresh as well as not overusing amounts of fabric softener.

Top or Front Load Washers
  • Leave water level setting on high.
  • Never overload washer (5 pairs jeans, 6 towels, etc.).
  • Never mix weights (jeans/jeans, towels/towels, sheets/sheets, etc.).
  • Never wash mops, shoes, items with strings, mats with backing unless using laundry bag.
  • Never wash any of the above items in a front load washer.
  • Clean lint screen before or after each load.
  • Scrub screen with soap and water 1 X a month.
  • Use bounce stick on fabric softener instead of liquid or dryer sheets.
  • Never turn knob the opposite direction.
  • Check dryer vent line and clean periodically.
  • If top of dryer gets too hot, check for vent clog or lint screen restriction.
  • Use 1 Cascade Complete Tablet for each use.
  • Never leave greens on dishes.
  • Treat dishwasher 2 X a year with citric acid rinse.
  • Lemi Shine works best to clean debris from dishwasher.
  • Never put greens into disposal.
  • If blades get stuck put 1 cup ice cubes into disposal & run water to dampen, then turn on full
  • Never rolling boil on back burner of stove if you have an electronic board on dash.
  • Do not use self-cleaning features on ranges with boards, heats oven to 750-1000 degrees.
  • Always push in knobs before turning to settings.
  • Never lift top of sealed burner gas range without releasing burners.
  • Always start with factory settings, adjust temperature with thermometer in unit Wait 24 hours between moving settings.
  • Consult a technician before changing setting and adjust temperature at ½ number intervals.
  • Leave 1-inch air space around shelves in refrigerator and freezer for air circulation.
  • Clean seals with Lysol, if seals are sticking rub Vaseline sparingly on seals.
  • Clean coils once a year at the beginning of summer.
  • Never plug a refrigerator into a GFI plug or non-commercial extension cord.
  • When turning off or unplugging refrigerator wait 10 minutes before turning back on.

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